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Video editing solutions that inspire ideas, encourage creativity, and transform visions into videos.


Video creation has never been easier with VivaVideo, a comprehensive video editing app that provides easy-to-use functions and an array of material for beginners.

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With this professional-grade video editing app,you can bring your visions to life through powerful post-editing functions and eye-catching effects.

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Tempo App

Create stunning videos with Tempo, a powerful template video maker that lets you choose from a wide variety of themes, visual effects based on AI technology.

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Technology is transformative, and we believe that everyone should have access to it. We've developed powerful engines designed to make video creation inclusive and enjoyable for all, from essential functions such as editing tools and graphic effects to more advanced technology like AI templates and augmented reality.

Audio and Video Engine

Advanced algorithms for video shooting, audio recording, processing, and more.


Visual AI Algorithm

Includes facial recognition, visual enhancement, portrait and landscape segmentation, and stylization.


Graphics and Image Engine

Handles cross-platform rendering, 3D rendering, particle effects, and more.


Service of Cloud Creation

Contains Cloud coordinated editing, Cloud synthesis, and intelligent frame extraction.


Service of Big Data

Data analysis, user insight, behavior understanding, intelligent recommendation and more algorithms.


Global Users

QuVideo's global reach is vast, with more than 1.3 billion downloads worldwide across over 200 countries
and regions in over 10 different languages.


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