Impress Me Series@Salvii

Impress Me | 2021-05-28

At QuVideo, we are driven by a passion to inspire people around the world to transform their vision into video .What makes us excited is that more and more users have demonstrated their creativity and imagination through VivaVideo, VivaCut, Tempo App, they also expressed their love of life through videos.This has inspired us to initiated "Impress Me", a series that tells the story of our users.

Today, we recognize Salvii , a user from Tempo App.

Salvii, a 19-year-old girl from the Philippines. In 2020, when the COVID-19 was spreading globally, Salvii was idle at home, she joined our "Creator Project" as a video template designer.

Since becoming a creator, Salvii has produced more than 30 short video templates, over 336,000 Filipino users have used the templates she created. This helped her get an income and fulfilled her dream of going to college.

In January 2021, COVID-19 broke out in the Philippines. Salvii, her 2-year-old niece and 5-year-old nephew were infected and admitted to the hospital for treatment. During this period, our team members were concerned about her treatment progress, encouraged her to recover as soon as possible, we also made an appointment with her to meet in Hangzhou, China 15 years later.

Now, Salvii recovered smoothly and returned to the identity of TempoApp creator. She hopes to share her creative inspiration with more people.

Q:Can you remember the time when you first created a video on your phone? What makes you want to try video editing?

Salvii:Yes. I'm the editor of my classmates when it comes to projects, and stuff 🤣. Also I try to search some editing apps and made some lyrical videos.The first time I use TempoApp interest me to do more edits, I post it on social media and some viewers like it that's why, and also I decided why not make my own edit, and it continued ~~

Q:Where do you get inspiration for creating a video?

Salvii:I have lots of videos about Korean stars on Instagram. Is it the reason why i’m interested in producing videos .I love them , I love to edit their pics and vids .And also, editing is very popular nowadays, I just go with the flow .

Q:Since becoming Tempo's creator, we have received over 30 templates from you. Can you tell us how you did it?

Salvii:I made edits every day in my free time that's why I have that lots of templates for TempoApp. Watching edits from social media inspires me to make edits .

Q:So far, hundreds of thousands of users in Philippines have used your video template and your work has received so much love. Can you share your feelings with us?

Salvii:Wow!😁 I'm soo happy and very grateful that users appreciate, like and love my works💙.

Q:Do you have any future plans?

Salvii:I want to share my creativity with more users in the future, not just in Philippines,but in other countries.