Impress Me Series@Mohammed

Impress Me | 2021-07-08

At QuVideo, we are driven by a passion to inspire people around the world to transform their vision into video .What makes us excited is that more and more users have demonstrated their creativity and imagination through VivaVideo, VivaCut, Tempo App, they also expressed their love of life through videos.This has inspired us to initiated "Impress Me", a series that tells the story of our users.

Today, we recognize Mohammed , a user from VivaCut.

Mohammed is a handsome Iraqi boy. He is a senior user of VivaCut and a member of our "Creator Project".After becoming a creator for more than a month, he has produced more than 40 templates, which have been viewed by more than 3 million users and used by more than 1 million users on the VivaCut terminal.

Mohammed's template creation was always based on black tones and bold transition effects. He uploaded his work to TikTok and attracted many followers who want to learn from him.

Except creating templates, Mohammed also likes to create short videos that record life. The first video he posted on TikTok received more than 1 million likes. In the video, he and his friends were in the mall, he stretched out his hand while riding the escalator and tried to clash with everyone on the opposite side, many strangers responded to him, it looked very warm.

Mohammed is still in college, and what he most wants to do after graduation is to marry a girl and have children, and then take good care of the family. It seems that romance and warmth are another characteristic of this handsome boy.

Q:I heard you were a Vivacut user before you became one of our creators?

A:Yes.But not for long.

Q:Can you describe your creative style?

A:My video creation style has been relatively uniform, I think it is very cool.When I became the creator of templates and had audiences who loved my designs, it made me very happy, and it increased my passion to continue my work.

Q:Do you have friends who like video clips as much as you?

A:Yes, and lots of friends have met through Vivacut,I guess it's the creative passion that brings us together.

Q:After you shared your work on TikTok, are there any user comments that impressed you?

A:I received a lot of comments that encouraged me to keep making videos and posting them to social media. A lot of people have asked me how to make videos, and some of them have asked me to help them make videos.For example, on Instagram, some followers asked me to design songs for them.

Q:What do you think is the best feature of Vivacut?

A:I liked everything in the app. I usually do not use any special effects. I use many effects and movements to suit the voice used in the work, so I come out with something beautiful.A lot of VFXs are great,the autosave feature is also great, in case we forget to save video and have to redo it.