Impress Me Series@shinebegho

Impress Me | 2021-08-27

At QuVideo, we are driven by a passion for inspiring people around the world to transform their visions into videos. Helping users express and share their creativity and imagination through apps like VivaVideo, VivaCut,and Tempo App is what motivates us most!

We are also excited to see more and more people using our products to express their love of life through their video creations. This first inspired us to initiate “Impress Me,” a series featuring individual content creators and their personal journeys and stories.

Today, we recognize @shinebegho, a user of VivaVideo.

@shinebegho is a prominent media personality whose first name says it all. For over ten years, Begho has brightened the world with her vibrant personality as a radio host, beauty blogger, video content creator, and more.

Since becoming a VivaVideo user two years ago, Begho has used the app to produce various video creations. Her personal production style features her natural charisma over flashy effects, and most of her videos are improvised and then thoughtfully edited with smooth transitions and text overlay.

In addition to being an avid content creator, Begho is also a proud mother of a little girl, whom she occasionally features through videos on her Instagram account. Her ability to engage followers through storytelling and creative expression has earned her a healthy fan base, with nearly 10,000 followers on Instagram. When asked what she believes is the key to attracting followers, Begho said the secret is to “be yourself and don’t try to imitate anyone.”

Check out our one-on-one interview with Begho to learn more about her motivations and tips for successful video production.

Chat with @shinebegho

Q: Can you tell me how you got nearly 10,000 followers on Instagram?
A: Well, I just be me, not trying to be someone else.

Q: What changes do you think video creation has brought to your life?
A: It brought out my creativity, sharing a story is understandable even though it's short, it's fun. I love that.

Q: I saw a video you took when you were pregnant. It was very touching. Did you shoot it improvisationally?
A: Well, I was very happy. I wanted a video to show my happy moments. In 2016, I lost my first son, so I was happy to be given another chance of being a mom again.

Q: Why do you always look so confident and full of charm in videos?
A: Be you. Do things at your own pace. Never compare yourself to another. It will only give you headaches, so instead, compare your today with your yesterday. In other words, compete with yourself and strive to be a better you every day.

Of course, life can be really hard sometimes, but no matter what hardship you are going through, know it's not going to last a lifetime, it is only for a while. Also, do what makes you happy and smile as much as you can.

Q:How did you find VivaVideo ?
A: I was looking for a different video app that has cool tools to work with since I produce video content.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for VivaVideo?
A: A zoom tool. There are some video scenes I would love to zoom in on during my edits. So when people watch the video, they can see exactly what you want them to see. So if there's a tool that can zoom a frame to the editors' wish. I think that would be great. Because of some of my skincare videos, I really want to zoom-in in some scenes, but I can't because there's no tool for that.