Celebrating ten years of growth with VivaVideo

企业新闻 | 2023-02-15

From 2013-2023,

It’s been ten years since VivaVideo was born,

And ten years throughout which we have accompanied our users,

Watching as we all innovated and evolved together.

In this issue of our new series “Impress Me,”

We have invited two creatives to share their journeys.

VivaVideo China (Taiwan) user: Phoebe

In ten years, everything is possible

It’s been a busy yet rewarding ten years since Phoebe and her husband moved back to their hometown in Yilan, Taiwan, to start a business. Within only one year of their return, they’d opened a coffee shop named “Tiger Coffee,” which translates to “Good Coffee” in Hokkien, a Chinese dialect widely spoken in southeastern China.

“From three small tables and one bean roasting machine to an extensive YouTube following and online storefront, this entrepreneurial couple’s journey has been documented through videos on social media every step of the way.”

When Phoebe first discovered VivaVideo, she used the app to create and share engaging and interesting videos with her coffee shop employees to educate and boost morale.

The coffee beans used in the shop were acquired from raw bean distributors that the couple then baked themselves. While they initially expected to become a popular chain throughout Taiwan, they quickly found that they needed a more sustainable business model to expand across the province. So they set their eyes further and worked to develop the coffee market in Yilan and attract coffee enthusiasts from all over the country. They hosted coffee fairs, organized in-person coffee roasting classes, and gave back to their local community by teaching more than 200 older adults to make coffee.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Phoebe quickly adapted to a virtual business structure, opening a digital storefront and transferring their classes from in-person to online. She even opened an educational YouTube channel to access even more viewers, which now has a substantial following. Phoebe remarked that "Making videos is really time-consuming, but online courses have provided another avenue to serve and benefit our customers. Many of our students who used to attend our offline classes will also come to watch our online channel." She also said, "VivaVideo can make it easy for beginners to get started because tools like subtitles and sound effects are both very convenient to use. I started from scratch, and I knew nothing about editing."

Looking back on her time as a student, Phoebe thinks that it would have been impossible to imagine that she and her peers would have used videos to record and share their lives like young people do now. She believes that while students today have yet to enter the professional sphere, it is because of new technologies that unlimited opportunities and possibilities are now even more accessible and attainable.

Over the past ten years, VivaVideo has proudly accompanied and witnessed the growth of this entrepreneurial couple. We can’t wait to see what they’ll serve up next.

VivaVideo China (Hong Kong) user Chungchung

Creativity and passion are the sources of video creation

Chungchung is a talented content creator born with a passion for short video creation and a determined, innovative spirit.

One of Chungchung’s most impressive short videos was one she created to celebrate Chinese New Year and posted on her Instagram earlier this year. At the time, she had just changed her Instagram account from private to public, and she did not have a large following. However, regardless of this, her New Year’s video received over 1,400 likes and was reposted by more than 200 people.

In this video, Chungchung’s natural abilities as a content creator stand out, as she includes several key elements like framing, transitions, filters, and fonts. "At first, I found the VivaVideo App in the App Store because I needed publicity for activities during college, and the built-in software of my phone was insufficient. At that time, I liked rich themes the most, but now I prefer the function of removing the background." Chungchung also mentioned, "Rather than using a theme to generate a video with one click, now I prefer to spend my time researching the editing features. The videos on my Instagram account are all edited with VivaVideo.”

While attaining a Visual Arts degree from Hong Kong Baptist University, Chungchung also interned with the Independent Commission Against Corruption of Hong Kong. Throughout her college years, she recorded and shared her experiences through short videos featuring everything from the artwork she created to the friends she made and the places she traveled. After graduating, she made a name for herself as a streamer, regularly conducting live broadcasts on her Instagram over the next three months.

In the past two years, video content has risen across social media, and many people like Chungchung have started making short videos. Chungchung noted that platforms like Instagram have adapted to reach this growing audience, adding features like IG Reels to encourage more people to create and share their own video content. She also believes this booming trend was partly motivated by at-home mandates instated during the onset of the global pandemic.

Today, Chungchung says that her primary purpose for continuing to make short films is threefold: to share her art, promote work projects, and document her daily life. She’s currently interested in learning more about Xiaohongshu and TikTok, hoping to one day become a professional blogger. With her passionate drive and creative mind, it likely won’t be long until she achieves her next goal.